Energy Procurement

An excellent example is energy procurement which represents a significant percentage of any operating budget. Alongside the need to reduce consumption, the procurement process should be carried out through a managed purchasing process by an experienced team of professionals to significantly reduce your costs. Large cost savings can be made through effective management, transparency, and sustainable practices that are repeatable for continued success.

The goals of any procurement process are to make smarter purchasing decisions through sustainable or repeatable actions. Some of the factors that enter into any effective procurement strategy include:

  • Energy budgets
  • Aggregation of supplier pricing by RFP (lowering supplier margins)
  • Energy contract negotiations
  • Arbitrage/hedging opportunities
  • Market price risk
  • New products and initiatives exposure
  • Compliance issues

At EnviroProfit, we can help you manage your exposure to these factors and work with you to develop an effective and sustainable plan for your procurement needs in the following areas.

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Fuel Oil
  • Renewable Energy Sources