Energy Management

HVAC, air circulation and quality, insulation and how the management of these components can increase the value of the space while actually reducing operating costs….

Energy Management means many things to many companies, but overall it encompasses the overall planning, management, and operation of energy related production and consumption activities. The best way to approach such an all-encompassing subject would be to start from the top down by breaking down both the strategic and targeted goals of your business. Once you have a strategy and some targets to address your particular situation, you start the processes, and then you look at your progress and results. This is a continuous process; however let’s start by first reviewing energy management through some broader areas of concentration.

·         Energy Data Management – Managing inflow of information and analysis of information

·         Energy Supply Management – Managing energy sources and alternative energy sources

·         Energy use in Facilities – Monitoring the production and consumption of resources

·         Equipment Efficiency – Measuring efficiencies and load characteristics

Furthermore, these items can be broken down further into more defined areas of concentration, including;

·        Energy Procurement

·        Data Operations

·        Rate Analysis

·        Energy Risk Management

·        Budget Development

·        Sustainability Services

·        Market Intelligence

·        Energy Efficiency Projects

·        Demand Response

Included in every plan you should have the following; a general description of what is proposed, a business case on why your Company is considering the activity, a primary task breakdown of how the activity will be accomplished, interactions of who needs to be involved, what resources and costs are required, and how the activity aligns with your Sustainability Plan.

At EnviroProfit we recognize that the ultimate goal of your Energy Management plan, and the one that is guaranteed to be a sustainable one as well, is the plan that aligns your energy and sustainable solutions with your business goals. We look forward to helping you define and arrive at an energy management plan that works for your business.