Energy Efficient Lighting

With LED lighting, it’s easy to be green and save money too. The benefits are measurable: the bulbs are 8x more efficient than incandescent lights and twice as efficient as CFL bulbs, meaning you use much less electricity, and save more money. Their lifetime is estimated at 50,000 hours or more, which means you have to change them far less often than any other bulbs. They contain no toxic mercury like fluorescents, so additional savings result from bulb replacement and labor associated with bulb and ballast replacement, less landfill waste, fixtures designed to last for years, and lower heat output reducing air conditioning costs and safety concerns. And best of all, their color is considered far more pleasant than fluorescent light.

Our Process
  • Initial Assessment: What is the state of the existing lighting? Where & what are your needs?
  • Facility Audit: Technical assessments and physical site audit.
  • Custom Analysis of Your Situation:
    • Estimated Potential for Improvements.
    • Estimated Savings/Improvement.
  • Develop a Custom Designed Plan:
    • Determine Steps and Targets
    • Execute/Implement your Custom Plan.
  • Measure and Review Results.
  • Market Your Results: EnviroProfit can guide you with useful ways to maximize the internal and external recognition of the changes you have made to boost brands and enhance marketing efforts.
Our Goals
  • Direct Operational Cost Savings/Benefits
  • Improved Lighting
  • Additional Energy Savings – HVAC and Maintainance
  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Measurable, Sustainable, Marketable Results!
Our Service
  • Dedicated management team handling the entire process from start to finish.
  • Design consultants on-hand to assist in lighting design.
  • Leading supplier relationships, experienced in all aspects of lighting products and fixture replacement.
  • Full spectrum of products, including locally-stocked items.
  • Sustainable and marketable results for your business.
Additional Features
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Education
  • Rebates & Incentives
  • LED FAQs