Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Any definition of a “Corporation” will explain that they enjoy most of the rights and responsibilities that any individual may possess.  As individuals we are closely linked to the environment for survival, so, simply stated, this is also true of corporations.  Some businesses have more obvious impacts on the environment than others.   Often, a business will choose a location specifically to capitalize on the availability of abundant natural resources.  Regardless of how obvious, all businesses have some environmental impact, through the products they manufacture or purchase, the resources, energy and water they use, the transportation associated with employee commutes, and many other factors.

Improving your company’s environmental performance is good for business. Implementing a Sustainability Plan for your company makes financial sense because it focuses on improving efficiencies. Waste indicates inefficiency: the more waste your business produces, the less efficient it is. By producing less waste, consuming less paper and energy, and using resources more efficiently, your business can cut costs while enhancing the sustainability of its operations. In addition, acting responsibly toward the environment promotes good will among customers, shareholders, and employees.

Committing to sustainability will not only enhance your enterprise’s environmental performance, it will positively affect your bottom line.  Certain categories of sustainable retrofits and upgrades are permanently lowering costs by more that 80% and showing ROI’s well under 2 years. Finding sustainable and ecologically preferable products and services that meet your company’s standards and needs can save money, free up working capital and increase sales.  Maximizing efficiencies in energy procurement has become a significant cost saving measure for businesses, while exploring alternative energy sources or cogeneration is increasingly providing viable operating expense relief. All of these things have one thing in common: EnviroProfit.  When money is made or saved and the environment benefits that is EnviroProfit!