Available Rebates and Incentives

Utility rebate programs differ, but in general they offer an excellent way to reap the rewards for making energy-efficient upgrades to the equipment in your facility. Whether you are purchasing all new equipment for your business, making upgrades to your current facility or replacing equipment that’s reached the end of its useful life, many utilities offer financial incentives to any business that chooses energy efficient materials, products and services.  These rebates, incentives and credits can add up to as much as 40% (for qualified project with some utilities) of the cost of the materials and labor required to complete the project.  These programs are designed to “incentivise” you to become a more sustainable operator.

EnviroProfit offers detailed analysis of each project outlining the energy savings going forward, the utility rebates’ impact on your bottom line, along with the NPV, IRR, Payback, and ROI calculations which make it easy to navigate complicated operating expense and capital expenditure decisions.  These analysis reports can be included in your existing sustainability plan or we can help you start a sustainability plan for your business.

The steps to apply for rebates from your local utility are simple yet involve a managed process due to specific terms and conditions specified by each utility operator. These steps typically involve the application process, utility inspections (pre and post), tech specs, and the purchasing of approved products. These phases, in combination with an EnviroProfit audit of the energy saving alternatives at your facility, will provide you with the financial incentives and the assurances that validate your decisions. We will work with you and your specific utility to help provide you with the energy audits, metered analysis, and benchmark analysis required to guaranty that this process will remain a sustainable and repeatable process for your business for years to come.

Find currently available rebates by searching the state incentives for renewable energy: