EnviroProfit, LLC. Makes a Difference

EnviroProfit, LLC. is an environmental solutions company committed to providing sustainable cost savings analysis to Chief Sustainability Officers, CFOs, controllers, municipalities, and business owners – anyone who has to answer for their energy and resource procurement and consumption management decisions and the resulting ROI.

We do this in three simple ways. We provide:

  • Information on everything sustainable (“Environmental Sustainability” and “Sustainable Profits”).
  • Product rankings (Sustainable and the best prices for your operational puchases).
  • Custom solutions (See all EnviroProfit can do for your company).

One of the core values at EnviroProfit, LLC stems from the understanding that corporate environmental responsibility no longer translates to higher business operating costs.

The most effective cost reduction strategy today often requires the use of environmental or sustainable components. However, the identification and implementation of these comprehensive components can be overwhelming.  By partnering with the leading experts in each sustainable industry, EnviroProfit, LLC provides each business client a tailored Sustainability Overview.  In turn, those responsible for energy and resource procurement and consumption management, work with EnviroProfit, LLC to make sound decisions and ultimately develop and maintain a Sustainability Plan.

Please explore our site to learn about our process.  You will also find useful information and tools, an environmentally friendly product and environmental rankings search engine. Of course, follow this link to work directly with us to maximize the “EnviroProfit” hidden in your expenses. We look forward to serving you!

Our Philosophy

EnviroProfit, LLC.

was founded with the idea that being green or sustainable is not an alternative. The core of our business plan is to help businesses to understand and adjust for the impact that their decisions have on the environment as well as their own bottom lines.

Our mission is simple:

To utilize the motivation of profit to inspire corporations and individuals to make environmentally smart decisions.

Our Commitment to our Clients:

  • We will ask the questions that define your needs, attitudes and goals.
  • We will tailor a strategy to accomplish your objectives.
  • We will alert you to potential opportunities and challenges that may affect your decisions.
  • We will help you manage the risks that accompany each project.
  • We will take the time to understand your objectives
  • We will offer our services with courtesy and responsiveness.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity.

Our Process

  • We begin by analyzing your business’s operating costs, paying close attention to energy (often the most significant expenses for many companies); from what you pay for the commodity (through a comprehensive local area market and use study) to your consumption efficiency. We perform in depth inspections of your facilities to identify potential savings starting with energy and progressing to sustainability practices for operations, procurement, manufacturing and marketing.  Throughout the process we take special care to study corporate, customer and supplier culture in order to better provide solutions that will be effective, accepted and lasting.
  • Next, we outline and rank the areas of greatest potential savings – both economically and environmentally in a Sustainability Overview.
  • Then, by working closely with the key individuals in your organization to prioritize and correct inefficiencies and capitalize on those changes, we are able to provide your company with substantial savings, often in multiple areas.
  • During this process we often identify other green initiatives, outline the financial and environmental benefits and put in place programs that can provide your company with additional savings.
  • Throughout, EnviroProfit will guide you through the implementation and in some cases the funding of any initiatives or projects you choose to pursue with a Sustainability Analysis before, during and upon completion of each project.  By this time you will have noted a significant positive impact in your company’s sustainability financially and environmentally.
  • Finally, we can help you construct, revise or implement a Sustainability Plan for your business while offering green marketing methods to get the word out.

EnviroProfit, LLC.
We make money by saving you money.

Our Founder – Ned O’Rourke

Mr. O’Rourke brings a background in sales, marketing, and management, in the financial and real estate markets to EnviroProfit.  He entered the financial services industry as a licensed stockbroker, serving his clients at firms such as Oppenheimer & Co., Gruntal & Co., Hoenig & Co., and Smith Barney as an equity trader and broker.  In 1992, Mr. O’Rourke  started his own trading firm which he later sold to a large investment bank. During his tenure on Wall Street, he earned a reputation for addressing complicated financial challenges, procuring financing and managing funds and fund managers within the retail and institutional markets.

O’Rourke’s experience in the real estate industry is equally impressive. His resume includes entries at Prudential, Coldwell Banker, and major US resorts like Snowbird.  His responsibilities have included major project management, sales training oversight as well as groundbreaking work in the online client interface experience.  This background has given him a unique perspective into the economic and environmental challenges that businesses face today.  Whether it be an environmentally sensible site or infrastructure development or brokering large tracts of land and property for resort concerns, his leadership in sales and marketing of resort properties gave him a front-row seat as a growing interest in being “green” and “sustainable” emerged in these fields.

This unique perspective on development processes gave rise to Ned’s philosophy that being “green” does not have to be more expensive than the alternative. By using any business’ main motivation, profit, he has proven again and again that it is possible to initiate and maintain green, sustainable practices. Businesses can save money with environmentally sound choices – allowing for greater profit.  This concept was the genesis of EnviroProfit.

Ned explains: “This spawned an idea: Being green does not have to be more expensive than the alternative. We can use business’ main motivator (profit) to initiate and maintain green and sustainable practices. We quickly figured out that we can help businesses profit and save while making environmentally sound choices.”

Ned’s approach guides EnviroProfit strategy of taking the time to truly understand their clients’ core values.  This has proven to be a key asset in today’s changing business environment. As an avid skier, and outdoorsman, Ned enjoys sharing his love for the planet’s wonders with others to see the beauty and innate value of nature in business. His contributions to the community include volunteering in the public schools, instructor for sailing and skiing to children and adult groups, charitable fundraising, and volunteering as a licensed EMT.  Ned is an active Senior member of the National Ski Patrol and maintains a national EMT certification.