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The reduction of consumption and energy efficiency has become the focus of virtually every company all around the world today. Whether it comes from direct emissions from operations, or from the electricity and fuel your business consumes, or the environmental impact of your products or services as they relate to your employee commuting time, travel plans, suppliers and product use, all these activities factor both directly and indirectly into your Carbon Footprint. We can help you measure and quantify these costs for your use in developing a Carbon Management Plan or Sustainability Plan for your business.


At EnviroProfit, we offer you the ability to lower your direct costs and help you identify other areas that can reduce your carbon impact. We are passionate about the energy efficient solutions we offer and making alternative energy an affordable and accessible option. If you are looking to reduce your energy bills through lower electricity consumption, or are interested in generating your own clean electricity, or if you simply want to “green-up” your operations, we can help. We will facilitate the discussion with your team, working to prioritize the cost paybacks and return on investments for each reduction strategy.

EnviroProfit’s Information & Resources page was designed to provide you with a one-stop exchange of information on topics relating to and surrounding Energy Saving and Sustainability issues. Each topic covered contains a brief write-up explaining the depth of the topic, followed by a rich assortment of both resource web links and relevant internet based content. Additionally, we have added an extensive assortment of timely EnviroProfit Blog articles, industry news feeds, energy saving calculators, tools, and product information for your review. Please explore our information listed below and let us know if there is a topic that you would like to explore further. Let’s work together so that we can deliver the news that’s relevant to the issues you are facing today.

We are also tracking current legislation and trading opportunities that may soon create carbon trading markets, which could also take up place in your company’s balance sheet.

Please give us a call to see where we can start helping you towards your path of developing a sustainable Carbon Management Plan.