It is imperative for companies to treat their energy consumption strategically

An article in the January–February 2017 Issue of the Harvard Business Review delves into why it is critical for companies in today’s business environment to treat their direct and indirect energy consumption strategically. The article reiterates why it is not just environmentally, but fiscally responsible to develop a Sustainability Plan NOW.
The three author’s – Andrew Winston, an advisor, writer and speaker on sustainable business; George Favaloro, managing director in the sustainability services group at PwC and Tim Healy, chairman and chief executive of EnerNOC – present a 5-step process companies should use to address the emerging importance of energy.

About the Author
Ned O’Rourke’s background in sales, marketing, and management, in the financial, real estate and hospitality markets at large institutions and his entrepreneurial successes in those markets and later as Founder, Owner and part owner of several entrepreneurial start-up ventures has resulted in many market first successes. His unique perspective can be a useful analytical tool. Mr. O’Rourke’s current venture, and passion, EnviroProfit, LLC is focused on using the core corporate motivator of profit and cost management to inspire sustainability and corporate social responsibility thru environmentally smart decisions.

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